Welcome to the Healing Help Line. This is a non-commercial web site that facilitates healing by linking those with a need for healing with the prayers and thoughts of those promoting healing.  We invite you to please join the Healing Circle.

Healing is discussed more fully in the ABOUT SPIRITUAL HEALING page.

This web site, which arises from the need to express and receive the divine grace of healing, is not used to promote any business or to collect names or addresses for any purpose other than that expressed in this site.

At various places in this site you will be invited to leave information about healing needs or experiences. Prior to publication all messages will be moderated by the site administrators to filter inappropriate content.

This web-site  has one simple purpose: to enable Distance Healing. When you join the HEALING CIRCLE you are, along with others in the circle, expressing love and compassion to all of humankind.

You will not be bothered with spam or phone calls and will only receive requests for distance healing now and again. Requests will only be sent if you join the Healing Circle which you are warmly invited to do.